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Our 25 years of hands-on wealth management experience gives you comfort in knowing we have seen many financial cycles. Our experience gives us an edge in identifying trends early in a cycle and taking appropriate actions in real time that balance financial risks and rewards for our clients.


02.Transparency and Accountability 

We believe that communication and reporting are critical in helping our clients to understand their wealth situation and adjust their spending plans if necessary. We feel that Championship Financial Advisors is well-respected because of the transparency and accountability to clients in all aspects of its work. 


03. Mutual Trust

Above all else, mutual trust is paramount to our way of doing business. We understand that strict adherence to our principles has enabled Championship Financial Advisors to weather the storms that have severely impacted many of our much larger competitors on Wall Street and elsewhere. 

our mission 

In 1991, Championship Financial Advisors was established as a boutique wealth management firm serving individuals employed in professional sports. In the ensuing years the firm's client base evolved to include individuals involved in a variety of professions including law, real estate, medicine and small business ownership. Today the firm functions as a multi-family office providing a seamless approach to managing wealth on a daily basis. Our personalized style is based on a penchant for thinking outside the box and a proven ability to pinpoint customized specialized services for our individual clients.  

The ultimate objective of our wealth management practice is to keep our clients within their personal comfort zones for as long as possible. What is a personal comfort zone? It is a unique array of financial, health, family and spiritual elements.

First and foremost, Championship Financial Advisors functions as a risk manager for its clients. For any situation we strive to anticipate a range of possible outcomes and assess risk with a focus on wealth accumulation and preservation. This is a complex undertaking involving macro and micro analysis. AT the macro level, we construct models of global trends that will impact our clients at home, in the workplace and financial and health arenas. At the micro level, we seek an understanding of where our clients are exposed to various risks an how they are most comfortable modifying or eliminating these risks. 

Since 1977, Mr. Flink has worked for prominent international financial institutions and has established several successful small businesses.

In 1991, Mr. Flink founded Championship Financial Advisors with a vision of providing fee-based financial and investment advisory services to clients. At the time, commission-based compensation was the norm in the financial services industry. Mr. Flink recognized the inherent conflicts of interest that routinely arose as financial professionals scripted financial plans and investment strategies that earned them commissions on financial products (e.g. load mutual funds, insurance policies) purchased by clients in fulfillment of these plans and strategies. 

In addition to clients in professional sports and other male-dominated professions, Championship Financial Advisors also has worked with a number of female clients in wealth accumulation, spending plans and pre and post divorce situations.

Prior to establishing Championship Financial Advisors, Mr. Flink helped launch a successful sports marketing firm, worked as a project analyst for a pension fund investment advisory firm and was a commercial lender for several prominent banks. Mr. Flink has fulfilled banking assignments in Europe and the Far East. This overseas experience has contributed to Mr Flink's knowledge of global economic and political trends that form the cornerstone of Championship Financial Advisors' wealth management philosophy.

Mr. Flink holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Washington and Lee University and an MBA from the University of Michigan. Originally from Chicago, Mr. Flink has resided in the Dallas/Fort Worth area since 1977. He is married with two grown sons.

Mr. Flink is the firm's sole investment advisor. He operates Championship Financial Advisors as a sole proprietorship. The firm is 100% owned by Mr. Flink.