Experience You Can Trust

Our personalized style is based on a penchant for thinking outside the box and a proven ability to hand-pick and customize specialized services for our individual clients. For any situation, we strive to anticipate a range of possible outcomes and assess risk with a focus on wealth accumulation and preservation. The ultimate objective of our wealth management practice is to keep our clients within their personal comfort zones for as long as possible. 


In 1991, Championship Financial Advisors was established as a boutique wealth management firm serving individuals in professional sports. Today the firm works with individuals in a variety of professions as well as serving as a multi-family office providing a seamless approach to managing wealth on a day-to-day basis. 


Championship Financial Advisors was founded in Dallas, Texas in 1991 by Randy L. Flink, Managing Partner.



Services Offered

  • Family Office Financial Management
  • General Financial Counseling
  • Small Business Financial Management